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A happy home.

Introducing Ome Sole


Derived from the word home and sun, Ome Sole is translated as the ‘house that shines bright’. Sole meaning ‘sun’ in Italian is a reminder of perseverance, as no matter how many obstacles we encounter in life, the sun will eventually shine bright and goodness will prevail.

Ome Sole is a villa group that holds five private villa properties based in the South West region of Bali, serving as a fortress of solitude for guests who seeking a place to refuge as well as creating everlasting memories with their loved ones. Each villa reflects the Ome Sole spirit – approachable, unforgettable, and hospitable experience of a lifetime while providing a home – like surrounding to staying guests.

The search of solitude leads to new experiences and pure bliss. 

Only at Ome Sole.

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